Cookies and Joomla! Cache

If you use the block cookies and the shortcode functionality, maybe you will detected some caching issues after page reload. For example the video display, or the shortcode cookies info table will not be displayed properly and you must double refresh the page to see the video, or the cookies info table.

Follow the steps below to set the Joomla! cache settings correctly.

Step 1

Navigate to the System > Global configuration > System (tab) > Cache Settings, find the "System Cache" parameter, and set the option "ON - Conservative caching".

Step 2
Navigate to the Extensions > Plugins, and disable the plugin "System - Page Cache".

Step 3

Navigate to the module which has the shortcode info, or the module which has the allvideos shortcode (e.g. {youtube}abcdef{/youtube}), find the "Caching" parameter and set the option "No caching".

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