How to explain what a certain cookie does in a different language? (Multilingual Websites)

Follow the steps below to add descriptions for certain cookies in different languages.

Step 1

From the top horizontal menu at Joomla! backend, navigate to Extensions > Languages > Overrides.

Step 2

At the left sidebar choose the language of texts you want to translate and click on the button "New".

Language Overrides - Image 1

Step 3

Create a new Override.

  • a) Fill in the field "Language Constant *" by entering the constant of the string you want to override. Example: "COOKIE_GANALYTICS_DESC".
  • b) Fill in the field "Text" by entering the text that you want to be displayed. Example: "Google Analytics (Cookies used to distinguish users)."
  • c) Click on the button "Save & Close".
Language Overrides - Image 2

Step 4

Navigate to the plugin settings (System - Web357 Cookies Policy Notification Bar), click on the tab "Advanced Settings", and then scroll down to the "Cookie Descriptions" section. Enter the Language Constant "COOKIE_GANALYTICS_DESC" you've created in step-4, at the "Cookie Description" input field. Save the plugin settings.

Language Overrides - Image 3


The cookie description is now displayed in the cookies info table generated by the shortcode functionality.

Language Overrides - Image 4

Multilingual Websites

If you have a multilingual website, you can repeat the procedure for as many languages you want.

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