Custom Date Format with Prepositions (e.g., "de")

The "Display Date and Time module for Joomla!" allows users to display the current date and time on their website. For users who need to include prepositions in their date format, such as "de" in Brazilian Portuguese (e.g., "Domingo, 07 de julho de 2024"), there is a specific way to achieve this using the Custom Date Format parameter.

Steps to Include "de" in Date Format

  1. Access Module Settings:
    • Navigate to the Joomla administrator panel.
    • Go to Extensions > Modules.
    • Find and click on the "Display Date and Time" module to edit its settings.
  2. Locate Custom Date Format Parameter:
    • In the module settings, locate the Custom Date Format parameter field.
  3. Enter Custom Date Format:
    • To include the "de" in your date format, use square brackets [ ] to enclose the text that should appear literally.
    • For example, to display the date as "Domingo, 07 de julho de 2024", enter the following format:
      dddd, DD [de] MMMM [de] YYYY
    • This tells the module to display the day of the week (dddd), followed by the day of the month (DD), then the literal text "de", the month (MMMM), another literal "de", and finally the year (YYYY).
  4. Save Changes:
    • Click Save or Save & Close to apply the changes.
  5. Verify on Frontend:
    • Visit your Joomla website to ensure the date is displayed in the desired format.


For a date format in Brazilian Portuguese:

  • Desired Output: "Domingo, 07 de julho de 2024"
  • Custom Date Format: dddd, DD [de] MMMM [de] YYYY

Additional Notes

  • The use of square brackets [ ] is essential to ensure that the text inside them is treated as literal text and not as a part of the date formatting tokens.
  • This method can be used to include other prepositions or text needed in different languages or formats.


Including prepositions in date formats for the "Display Date and Time" Joomla module is straightforward with the use of the Custom Date Format parameter. By following the steps outlined above, users can customize the date display to match their specific linguistic and formatting needs.

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